We are one of a small number of individuals in the UK, recycling used cooking oil to use as fuel for our personal use. There are many ways it can be employed. It is to the benefit of natural medicine in some examples. You can review medicinal plants here if you would like to read into this further.

This is carried out under exemptions issued by the Environment Agency and HMRC. Waste cooking oil is collected for recycling, free of charge from local pubs, restaurants and other food outlets.

Guidance issued jointly by the food Standards Agency, Cabinet Office, Environment Agency, HM Revenue and Customs and LACORS, advises that if you produce waste cooking oil as part of your catering business, then you must ensure that it is stored properly, and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Storage of U.C.O should comply with the Environmental Protection Agency and Product Authentication Inspectorate code of practice, which states under the guidance notes, that all used cooking oil should be free of contaminates, such as water, fryer washing chemicals, detergents, sewer fats and material of unknown origin. All Cooking Oil must be kept in a lidded container or in the original can or bucket that the fresh cooking oil was supplied in. We can of course supply containers to store cooking oil, Free of Charge.

So the carbon foot print of your old oil is dramatically reduced in comparison with many commercial collectors who charge you for collection and then ship used oil all over Europe.

Collections are arranged at a mutually convenient times and you are provided with all the appropriate paper work to satisfy food Hygiene Inspections and the Environment Agency, as well as the Local Authority Environmental Health.

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